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It’s Been a While

Hello beautiful people, Marie Humbert here. I hope everyone is well and managing to stay safe during these difficult, uncertain times. Please remember they are a test for all, a strong reminder that life is fleeting, we should always appreciate the little things and the people who make up our tribe. To those on the frontline and helping people in need, I salute and thank you. To those who have lost loved ones, I send you love and light.

As some of you already know, following the early Covid lockdowns and the global protests against systemic racism, I started hosting a series of IGTV interviews called ‘The Identity Talks’. I am hoping to take this on further this year. 

‘The Identity Talks’ #TheIdentityTalks were created as an attempt to use my platform to share stories of remarkable, talented people who own a strong sense of self, of their unique identity. During these conversations, we will take a well deserved moment to share beautiful, insightful life journeys that will undoubtedly inspire, inform and educate. I will be interviewing a range of trail blazers composed of artists, musicians, fashion experts, actors, entrepreneurs, activists and many more. These distinguished guests all share a common goal which is to have an impact, their stories are a testament to the power of determination, resilience and love. 

I strongly believe in the importance of communication, sharing our stories can only make us wiser and ultimately bring us closer. Hence, it will also be a great opportunity for each of you to participate, we will have some time for questions at the end of each talk, hoping to take the conversation further. You know I am all about community and unity, sharing truly is caring, however cliché it may sound.

Charlotte Mensah for Marie Humbert
Charlotte Mensah

To kick it off with a bang, I am beyond thrilled to host my next guest, none other than the force of nature that is Charlotte Mensah. Charlotte is a multiple award winning hair stylist but I prefer to say guru, a fierce entrepreneur, mentor, teacher among many other talents, who has recently added author to her incredible list of achievements. Her first book, ‘Good Hair’ was published last December, it is a great read about the history of Afro hair and Charlotte Mensah’s incredible journey. Do trust me when I say that if you have Afro, textured or curly hair, this book will become your hair bible, an essential guide filled with tips, information, styles and recipes to keep your crown glowing like it ought to. Charlotte really wants you to love, appreciate, respect and own your hair in all its forms and textures, her bold dedication is contagious. 

Good Hair by Charlotte Mensah
Good Hair by Charlotte Mensah

Join our conversation Thursday, February the 11th at 5pm GMT / 12pm EST on my IGLive @marielaly

In the meantime please take care of yourself, especially your mental health. I urge you to check on people you haven’t heard from in a while, call, send videos, treats, flowers or anything at all. Re-connecting, knowing someone is thinking of you in this time of isolation is so very nourishing, for the mind and the soul.

Looking forward to seeing all of you on February the 11th, when I finally get to wear proper clothes!

Love and light,