Marie Humbert.


Marie created Cocktails Over Fashion, a filmed event, within an interactive conversational format. COF’s main objectives are to inspire, inform and celebrate African creative talent. One that is also environmentally, economically and socially conscious. 

Pursuing a creative path in Africa is not always revered nor respected; the journey is hard, exploitation is high and the lack of support is evident. Marie strongly believes that the way forward for Africans is to collaborate rather than isolate, support rather than exploit and advise rather than focus on negative criticism.

COF is a 7-episode Youtube series exploring the stories of formidable, innovative creatives within the African fashion industry. Distinguished guests are a selected number of cool ‘game-changers’, unique, successful designers and fashion entrepreneurs, most of them from or established in Ghana.

They include co-founder of ethical fashion brand OSEI DURO, Molly Keogh, co-founder of ethical fashion brand STUDIO 189, Abrima Erwiah. Anna Robertson, co-founder of the all-female led socially responsible clothing brand, YEVU, to name a few. 

Cocktails over Fashion’s special guests also include Aisha Ayensu, founder and creative director of Ghanaian luxury brand CHRISTIE BROWN, Bubu Ogisi founder and creative director of IAMISIGO and Steve French, selected for the 2020 Gucci Fellowship Program, founder and creative director of STEVE FRENCH Designs. Finally, Stefania Manfreda founder of ELLE LOKKO and Sacha Okoh founder of VIVA CONCEPT BOUTIQUE, this particular event focused on the Business of Fashion.

ART 12

Marie is determined in using her platform to promote African creative talent. For Cocktails Over Fashion she decided to collaborate with one of Accra’s hidden gems, FRONT/BACK, because it provides the intimate setting desired but most importantly follows this idea and notion of collaboration.

ART 12

FRONT/BACK is a space created by over forty artisans and partnerships from Africa and its diaspora. From the art on the wall, to the furniture and design, FRONT/BACK showcases some of the best of what the continent has to offer, adamant in promoting African excellence.


Fashion has always played a central role in Marie’s life. She occasionally models and collaborates with designers. She is passionate in promoting ethical brands with which she shares common values. Some brands include Studio 189 during Lagos Fashion and Design Week, Steve French, Bello Edu, Vlisco, to name a few.