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My mind has always played tricks on me. I’m still learning the hard way that nothing and no one has the power to truly make

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Marie Humbert

Dare to Self Care

Beautiful people, I hope all is peachy your side and you’re keeping up with the never ending ‘I’m doing OK but am I really?’, emotional

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unsilenced and unafraid

Unsilenced & Unafraid

First and foremost, happy women’s history month now and always.  This one is especially accentuated, the pandemic has harmed all of us beyond belief and

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ejọ́ by Àsìkò

Lockdowns, Art and Identity

Beautiful people, I hope this little note finds you well and safe. I’ve always loved to be an occasional hermit and hibernate however, making the

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It’s Been a While

Hello beautiful people, Marie Humbert here. I hope everyone is well and managing to stay safe during these difficult, uncertain times. Please remember they are

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