Marie Humbert.


Marie Humbert cultivated a love for the arts at an early age, putting together shows for family and friends. She is a Swiss-Ghanaian actress who has lived in nine countries spanning across four continents and considers herself a global citizen.

Marie is an actress, art consultant, content creator, social activist and advocate. 

She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Melbourne, Australia followed by the Lesley Chatterley Award for Best Actress at Cours Florent, professional acting school in Paris. She played one of the five female leads, Makena, in the international hit web and TV series An African City which was featured in The New York Times, Hollywood Reporter, the BBC and many more. She played the lead role of Ebaner in the Netflix Africa / Amazon Prime Video series 40 & Single as well as Kelly in the Netflix feature film The Set Up

Her role as Susan in Potomanto, earned her two nominations at the 2014 Ghana Movie Awards and the Africa Movie Academy Awards for Best Actress in a supporting role. In 2017, she was nominated twice at the Ghana Movie Awards for Best Actress in An African City and for Best Discovery of the Year. 

Marie is fully bilingual in French and English. One of her personal goals is to celebrate, connect and support African creative talents. She created Cocktails Over Fashion, a series of conversations on her Youtube channel with some of Africa’s most inspiring designers and fashion entrepreneurs.

She works closely with some of the leading visual artists within the African contemporary art space. She is dedicated to changing the narrative of historically marginalised and exploited artists, specifically African artists. 

Marie also devotes her time to women’s empowerment, raising awareness around gender-based violence with her podcast Reclaim Your Power on Spotify and iTunes.